Cloud Cost Optimization

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Cost Optimization Strategy

The value of the cloud is in its on-demand nature, it allows the IT companies gain access to resources to solve business problems. But at the same time, the lack of cloud cost optimization processes is resulting in significant waste in public cloud spend. To reduce your cloud costs, you must first identify waste by uncovering the inefficient use of cloud resources. Cloud computing still requires continuous monitoring, analysis, and adjustment to ensure your spend stays low.

Our cost management services help optimize your cloud spending by providing visibility into what’s lying unused, where you are overspending and how you can better streamline your existing and expected cloud expenditure.

Analyze Unused & Idle Resources:

Identify idle resources and to understand why any services and assets within your AWS environment are no longer in use.

Identify Mis-Provisioned Resources:

Correctly configure resources to deliver the performance and services you need.

Update Resources:

Upgrade instances for price decreases and performance improvements to ensure you get the best performance at the lowest price.

Manage Reserved Instances (RI):

Consider RIs for prepaid resources at a lower cost in order to optimize for the best deal.

Store Strategically:

Pick the right storage strategy to save money and ensure availability.

Content Distribution Strategy:

Understand where and how you are distributing your content to end users in order to impact storage and distribution costs.

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