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VAPT Service is the combination of two different Security Services one is Vulnerability Assessment (VA) & Penetration Testing (PT). The tests have different powers and are often shared to achieve a more complete vulnerability analysis.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetrations Testing (VAPT) or simply, Pen testing or penetration testing, is a systematic process of determining the vulnerability of an application. With the rise of hacking and other security threats, organizations are resorting to VAPT services to protect their sensitive data from external security hacks.

Our Security Audit & Testing services are driven by decades of cumulative experience and a specialized team that combines cutting-edge technology tools and the vast power of human intelligence. VAPT allows the organization to get a more detailed view of the threat the applications are facing, which aid business to better protect its systems and data from malevolent attacks

Here's a flowchart of our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Process Workflow

Vulnerability Assessment

Why choose us for VAPT

With us, companies no longer need to buy expensive vulnerability assessment VAPT software, train developers and QA personnel on how to use it or spend time and money to constantly update it.

From developing a detailed plan, to perform the test and provide a full report, Aress has the expertise to help improve the organization’s security position with best industry standards and practices.

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